• Why have you cancelled the in–person events?

    We have made the decision to cancel face to face events around the nation due to the evolving landscape of rolling COVID lockdowns, event and social restrictions, in addition to state and territory boarder closures. These significantly impact our ability to forward plan and deliver an event that keeps your safety – and those of our immunocompromised patients living with cancer – top of mind. Please know this decision comes with tremendous disappointment for our small team here at Pancare and whilst Covid has changed the way we do things, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to your health and safety.

  • What does this mean to my registration and fundraising?

    All participants registered for our in-person events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth will now be rolled over to our Do It Your Way virtual event which will still take place on Sunday 24 October 2021.

  • I’d already registered for an in-person event – what happens now?

    All registration fees will be rolled over to our Do It Your Way event. However, we understand that your circumstances may have changed. With that in mind, if you would like to request the cost difference of your registration fee (in person event registration fee less DIY registration fee) be refunded please fill out this form and we can help process your partial refund. Otherwise, rest assured that your registration fee will go towards fundraising efforts to help deliver better outcomes for those impacted by pancreatic and upper GI cancers.

  • What happens to the funds I have already raised?

    Please know that all funds raised will still be put forward to our fundraising total to ensure we can direct funds to support our patient and carer support programs and research to improve outcomes for upper gastrointestinal cancers. We encourage you to keep up the amazing work! Your support, more than ever, is vital.


  • How much does it cost to register?

    It costs just $20 for an adult (18+) to register for our Do It Your Way event and it is free for anyone 17 years and younger!

  • Do you offer concession discounts?

    We do not offer concessions, however if you are a patient living with an upper gastrointestinal cancer, entry is free so please contact us on or 1300 881 698 to arrange your registration.

  • I was just wondering if there is a limit of registrations I can enter into Unite for Hope?

    Yes we do have a maximum of five people that you can register at one time, but there is no limit on the number of people who fundraise as part of a team.

    On the registration form, there’s a maximum of up to 5 adults, 5 children, 5 juniors per registration entry and the minimum entry is 1 adult or 1 child.

  • When do registrations close?

    Given we have now had to roll over to our virtual event, you are welcome to register up until the day of our virtual proposition – Sunday 24th October, 2021.

  • I am having trouble registering?

    Oh no! If you’re having problems registering pleases contact us via or 1300 881 698 or reach out to our platform provider, Go Fundraise on 1300 889 272 or

  • What should I do if I can no longer participate in the event?

    Sorry to hear you are now unable to join us. Please let us know via or 1300 881 698 so we can update our records. Unfortunately, entry fees are not refundable or transferable if you are no longer able to participate, although in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to transfer your registration to a friend, family, or colleague.


  • I have ordered a t–shirt, when will I receive?

    Any t–shirts bought will be sent out within the month of your purchase. Please be mindful that due to Covid, there is limited access to our office and delays with postage are to be expected.

  • I have ordered a t–shirt; how much is postage and when is the cut–off to order online?

    Standard postage is $8.95 per parcel and the deadline to order t–shirts is Friday 1 October 2021.

  • The t–shirt I ordered does not fit.

    Sorry to hear your t–shirt does not fit, we certainly want you to look your best! Send us an email and we will happily exchange for the size you require, fingers crossed we still have the size you need. Sizes will not be restocked once they have sold out.

  • I forgot to order a top when registering for Unite for Hope? What do I do?

    Did you forget to purchase a top when registering for Unite for Hope? Have no fear, we have you covered! Simply click on this link and you can order via our Shopify site.


  • Can you tell me how much of the funds raised goes directly to Pancare Foundation?

    All proceeds from fundraising goes towards providing vital patient support services and channelling funds into research for early detection and new treatments. Rest assured every single dollar helps!

  • What is the best way to fundraise?

    Asking people to donate can feel a bit overwhelming, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is and how supportive your family, friends and colleagues are that you’re supporting a great cause. The simplest way to fundraise is to ask people to donate to your fundraising page that is assigned to you at the time of registering for the event. Have a look at our fundraising page for some great ideas.